Shri. J Shankar

Born on 03/04/1955, Shri. J Shankar is a renowned industrialist and a business man at Vriddhachalam, Tamilnadu, India. He comes from a traditional and well established family. He is a member of the Lions club. His service mind and philanthropic attitude has always reached the needy within the community.

Shri.C Dhandapani BL

Born on 15/11/1968, Mr. Shri C Dhandapani is a Scientific Equipments manufacturer at Chennai (Madras) Tamilnadu, India, Shri. C Dhandapani is a socially conscious business man, well connected in the society. Shri. C. Dhandapani will play a pivotal role in taking the message of the Foundation at Chennai (Madras) India, the state headquarters.

Project Coordinators

Shri. M. Senthil Kumar

Project Coordinator – Skill Development Initiatives

Born on 01/06/1978 Shri. M. Senthil Kumar is running training institutions. He hails from a family of agriculturists. Has close links within the village community. He is a technical person working on Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and other Electronic fields. His volunteerism and timely support have helped many trainees, students and the marginalised sections of the society.

Prof. V. Palanisamy M.Sc. (Agri)

Project Coordinator – Rural Development & Agri. based projects.

A retired professor of Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Tamilnadu, India, and Prof. V. Palanisamy has put in excellent experience in various capacities in the University at Coimbatore and Nilgiries, Tamilnadu, India, he served. He is a specialist in Horticulture. While in service has developed several new varieties of crops to suit the soil and the climate. Hailing from an agricultural family at Vriddhachalam, Tamilnadu State, India is very popular with the rural folk and the agriculturists. His contribution to the Foundation will be noteworthy