Projects - Proposed

The (N.L.C) Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited Canal Irrigation Project, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India. Construction of Check Dams in the river Manimukthar at Vriddhachalam.

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This is a project for recycling and redistribution of water that is wasted due to pumping of water during mining operations of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (N.L.C), a Government of India Corporation. The project involves redirecting this waste water, by connecting the existing channels through suitable links. Water would flow 14 kilo meters to join major lakes and river, after running through 165 villages irrigating 26,000 hectares of cultivable land and benefiting 2.5 lakhs of people, besides improving the water table. The underground water table in the area has suffered and going down; further deeper every day on account of the pumping of water out of the open cut mines of NLC by giant water pumps. The NLC has a Social Responsibility to take care of the water table in the area by circulating the waste water through the most affected larger area. Cleaning the river and construction of check dams in the river Manimukthar is planned as well.

Reduction of Maternity Mortality Rate.

A project is seriously attempted for reduction of maternity mortality rate in and around Vriddhachalam Town, to start with. The 1% Club has extended a small contribution towards this project and the further mobilization of funds required to initiate the project are being done.

Construction of an Arbitration Centre at Vriddhachalam, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu State, India

The project is at its initial stage for the construction of an Arbitration Centre with two or three Arbitration Halls, at Vriddhachalam. This would provide Legal Aid to the Community around and for extending faster and low cost Legal Solutions to the people. The Foundation will obtain necessary sanctions from the Government and Judiciary. This project if carried out will help thousands of people.

Ocean Energy – Power Generation (A Research Oriented Project)

Aravind Foundation is keen in implementing this project with due expertise. South India has a very long coast line and especially the state Tamilnadu has a long coast with sufficient ebbs of waves. The Foundation is working on concrete grounds to start this project early. It will be an ideal mechanism for Fresh / Green Energy and power generation.